Addendum To Contract Template

In the business, there are many situations where an organization requires making an alteration in their existing agreements. This can happen for many reasons, but whatever the reason is, it requires some documentation for adding the changes to the existing Read more ›

Agent Contract Sample

Agent contract is also known as the agency agreement and it is observed when an organization of individual appoints another organization or individual as their agent for a specified task or project. This agreement is developed in many conditions, for Read more ›

Debt Settlement Agreement Template

The Debt Settlement Agreement is a legal document that is needed when the parties are mutually interested in reduction of the loan amount or the amount of interest for making the repayment possible. The Debt Settlement Agreement is made between Read more ›


Payment Agreement Contract

The Payment Agreement Contract is a legal document that contains the details of payment plans or terms and conditions of loan for payments. It is made between two entities, payer and payee, and bounds the both to follow the agreement. Read more ›


Conditional Sale Agreement

All the organizations that are dealing in the sales of items in any way often go through the sale agreements. There are multiple types of the sale agreements, according to the type of organization or the type of items being Read more ›


Car Selling Contract

Car sale contract is a legal document which is produced at the time when you want to sell your car. The car financing is an attractive option for selling your vehicle quickly. Whether you sale your car, on financing scheme Read more ›