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Agent contract is also known as the agency agreement and it is observed when an organization of individual appoints another organization or individual as their agent for a specified task or project. This agreement is developed in many conditions, for instance, for a sales operation, for the construction of a building or building unit, for marketing of products, etc. When such a person or company is designated to represent you or your company you must have a written contract to be safe and having a smooth relationship with your agents. This agreement must include important terms and conditions under which the operations will be performed. It must clearly specify the duration of representation and also the stipend that will be paid to the agent. The designated agent will be responsible for representing you or performing the assigned task. The agreement also states the situations or clauses to deal with termination of the agreement, whether at maturity or during the term of the agreement.

The financial issues are also addressed clearly in the agreement that what will be the percentage and how it will be calculated. It must define the mode of payment and plan of payment, whether it will be monthly or will be paid in advance or divided into two installments, one at the start and the other on the completion of the task. There are a large number of samples of agent contract in your range that can be customized according to your requirement easily. These are frequently observed among manufacturers and suppliers or retailers.

The agent contract sample includes the following.

  • The name of company or individual which is appointing the agent
  • The name of the agent selected for the purpose
  • Date and the address of both entities
  • Purpose of appointing as an agent
  • Financial matters which are agreed upon
  • Signatures of the entities

Create your own Agent Contract by using the following template,

Agent Contract Template

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Download Agent Contract Template in PDF, Open Office Writer (.ODT) and MS Word (.DOC) format.

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