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While running a business, there may be many situations that require consulting the court and cause a huge cost in the form of time and finance. To avoid such frizzy situations and finding a more appropriate solution for the disputes among the workers and partners arbitrary agreement is a good source. It helps you to settle down the disputes without consulting the court. It saves your big legislative expense. This agreement is often enjoyed when a person is in a dispute with a business partner or workers or at the beginning of a new business for avoiding the future disputes and finding a good plan for the solution of disputes.

What is the Arbitration Agreement?

The arbitration agreement is a legal document between business partners that provides the arbitration plan to settle down any disputes without going through a legislative process that may arise during the course of the partnership. This reduces the legislative cost of the project and also saves the time in resolving the disputes. This agreement includes all the terms and conditions that are agreed upon by the parties in resolving the issues. It also specifies the laws and regulations under which the disputes will be dealt.

The arbitrary agreement must include the following and should fulfill all the legal requirements to make it legally valid.

  • In starting section must include the names and addresses of both the entities that are going through the agreement. It must also include the date. This section must show that the entities are agree upon the terms included in the proceeding sections
  • It must be according to the legal pattern for the agreement.
  • It must specify the law under which all the disputes will be resolved and both the entities agree upon that
  • All the necessary documents must be mentioned and discussed in the agreement
  • It must be signed by the entities and legal witnesses

Create your own Arbitration Agreement by using the following template,

Sample Arbitration Agreement

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Download a Sample Arbitration Agreement in MS Word format, Open Office Writer format and Printable Document format (.PDF).

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