Car Selling Contract

Car sale contract is a legal document which is produced at the time when you want to sell your car. The car financing is an attractive option for selling your vehicle quickly. Whether you sale your car, on financing scheme or on cash in both situations car selling contract is a safe option.

This contract includes all the terms and conditions which are agreed upon by the seller and buyer. It helps to reduce the chances of any dispute or conflicting issue in the sale of the car. The use of the template for the car selling contract makes the task much easier. Taking a help of a legal adviser in developing a car sale contract is always the best option because it will improve the legal validity of the document.

Following points will be helpful for writing a car selling contract.

  • In the contract, the identities of the seller and the buyer must be clearly mentioned.
  • The identities of the parties must include their addresses and any other document, for the proof of identity.
  • Evaluate the vehicle, according to the market value and include in the contract.
  • The detail about the vehicle, its make and model and present condition should be added in the document.
  • It should be clearly stated in agreement if there is any kind loan or mortgage on the car.
  • Include a well-defined payment plan for the purchase.
  • The contract must declare that the price is inclusive of taxes or not.
  • Delivery plan for transferring the possession of the vehicle and title of ownership must be clearly defined in the agreement.
  • The date of the agreement and delivery of vehicle must be mentioned.
  • The agreement should be signed by both the entities along with the date and the addresses.

It would be better to add two or more legal witnesses to make your contract more valued. Both the parties in the agreement should have a copy of the contract.

Create your own Car Sale Contract by using the following template,

Car Sale Contract Template

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Download Car Selling Contract Template in PDF, Microsoft Word (.DOC) and Open Office Writer (.ODT) format.

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