Confidentiality Agreement Sample

What is a Confidentiality Agreement? It is an agreement between two or more parties for keeping the conveyed information secret. It is also named as a non-disclosure agreement or NDA. NDA can be unilateral or mutual regarding obligations about the Read more ›

Equipment Lease Agreement

There are various types of business arrangements that people use to reap benefits. The investment of capital is always required to reap benefits. But not all investors are alike, there are few who cannot just afford to spend in extra. Read more ›

Termination of Contract

What is Termination of Contract? There are various kinds of contracts that used to take place around us. People are used to hire people through contracts. Organizations used to have contracts with their stakeholders and so on. The contracts are Read more ›

Puppy Sale Contract

There are many pet lovers around the world. They love animals and like to see them around. The pet breeders can also be found in greater numbers. They offer various types of animals that can adopted as pet. The selling Read more ›

Stock Subscription Agreement

The stock exchanges are working in more than one metropolitan area of a nation. The main stock exchange covers the most of the stock exchange and let investors make transactions in larger amounts. Some entities other than the stock exchange Read more ›

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