Child Cell Phone Contract

In this age of the fast technology, it is very difficult to keep your child away from the use of the cell phone. It is the best option to provide your child with cell phone along with a proper guidance and confidence.

Now it is the basic question that, what is the best way to train your child in the use of cell phone?

Signing a child cell phone contract is one of the best ways to train your child for use of cell phone with a responsible behavior. Before entering a contract discuss in detail with your child about the use of cell phone. Encourage your child for questions that can make his concept clearer and make a sense of responsibility. After negotiation with child define the healthy rules for the use of cell phone and then make a written agreement between you and your child.

The following responsibilities can be added in the agreement for a cell phone user.

  • Use of cell phone will be during the determined hours
  • There will be no calls and messages after 9 p.m.
  • The cell phone will be charged all the time and will not be off while away from home
  • Threatening messages will not be sent to any known or unknown number.
  • Will not exceed the monthly billing limit of the cell phone
  • The user must know the exact location of the phone.
  • The child will keep the studies up to the mark and will not lose the grades.

The agreement must have a starting line that mentions the entities of the agreement and the date. It must include all the settled terms and condition for the use of cell phone. At the bottom of the agreement signatures of both the entities along with names and the date are must.

Create your own Teen Cell Phone Contract by using the following template,

Cell Phone Contract

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Download Child Cell Phone Contract in DOC, ODT and PDF format.

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