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The cleanliness is an important part of life. We need it everywhere either in houses, offices, malls or factories. Due to its extensive scope now cleaning has become a worldwide business. A large number of firms and individuals are providing cleaning services in almost all societies. Fast and furious life have made it necessary for us to consult some cleaning firm or individual who provides cleaning services. Cleaning contract is a legal document that defines the duties of cleaner and payment due on the employer. It also includes some other important clauses that are necessary for smooth working.

How to write Cleaning Contract?

Whenever you need to hire a cleaning firm or individual it is preferable to have a written contract to make all the issues crystal clear. The cleaning contract specifies the obligations and responsibilities of employer and employee. It is important to follow a legal pattern for writing the cleaning contract.

The following steps are helpful for writing the cleaning contract.

  1. The contract header must include the title, date, time period and the entities going through the agreement.
  2. Clearly describe the terms and conditions that would be applicable to the entities of the agreement. It can include different issues such as availability of cleaning materials, cleaning standards that should be met, cleaning timing and payment mode, etc. This section can also include the terms that would be applicable in case any damage of equipment or any other material.
  3. The cleaning worker security can also be discussed in the contract. A compensation for any harm to the worker can be defined in the contract.
  4. Clearly define the areas where cleaning is required. Evidently mention that what kind of cleaning material and equipment would be used for cleaning.
  5. Define the process for resolving any disputes, if developed. Mention clauses or conditions for the termination of contract.
  6. The contract must be signed by all the entities along with date and addresses.

Create your own Cleaning Contract Sample by using the following template,

Sample Cleaning Contract

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Download Cleaning Contract Template in PDF, Microsoft Word (.DOC), Open Office (.ODT) format.

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