Cohabitation Agreement Template

What is Cohabitation Agreement?

Cohabitation Agreement is a legal document that legalizes together living of a couple regardless of their type such as heterosexual or homosexual. This agreement makes their status as a married couple. After this agreement, they are treated as a couple for few matters such as applying for a loan and child support, etc. but they are treated differently for more important matters, for instance, property holding, pensions and inheritance. Cohabitation Agreement helps to define the rights of partners for financial support and other arrangements necessary for living together. It also deals with the issues that can arise after the separation of the couple. Like all other agreements, it also unites both parties and defines their major rights and obligations.

How to write Cohabitation Agreement?

When you decide to live together with your partner being not married to each other it would be better to make a living agreement to well define your rights and duties to each other. Although it does not give you more rights in the possessions of your partner, but it is useful till you are living together. Its maturity does not improve its validity. In many areas of the world this agreement is not considered and has no legal validity, which requires other agreements to assist. It has not a specific format or terms and conditions. Like other legally valid agreements it contains all the terms and conditions on which both the parties are agreed.

The cohabitation agreement must include the followings

  • Title of the agreement along with date and names of the involved parties
  • The duties of both the persons who decide to live together
  • Financial decisions must be included that are decided by both the entities
  • Possession of the things that are purchased under partnership should be decided after separation
  • The agreement must be signed by both the entities and fulfill all legal requirements according to the country law.

Create your own Cohabitation Agreement Form by using the following template,

Cohabitation Agreement Sample

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Download Cohabitation Agreement Template in Microsoft Word (.DOC), PDF and Open Office (.ODT) format.

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