Contractor Agreement Template

The contractor is referred to as the person or organization that accepts the responsibility to provide materials or services. A variety of contractors are offering services in the market. Any agreement that is developed between a person or firm and a contractor is recognized as contractor agreement. This accord has legal significance and requires some legal requirements so that it can be used to secure the rights of both the parties.

How to Write Contractor Agreement?

Like any other legal document contractor agreement also requires a typical format that must be followed. The agreement should be written on legal stamp paper to make it legally valid.

Following are a few points to consider while writing contractor agreement.

  1. On the top of the page write the title of the agreement and under it mention the parties involved in the agreement, whether they are both firms or one firm and another individual. Write the names with full addresses.
  2. Define the terms of agreement and materials or services about which the agreement is being taken place.
  3. Write every term in separate paragraph clearly. Add extra details to any term use subparagraph.
  4. Define all duties and obligations of all parties clearly and construct the role of every concerned entity.
  5. Describe in detail the money matters and modes of payments.
  6. Define the penalties for not following the terms and conditions of the agreement by any entity.
  7. Define the rules to make any amendment to the agreement during the course of its validity.
  8. Clearly declare the period of validity of the agreement, indicate the starting and ending dates.
  9. At the bottom of the agreement, all the entities must put the signature along with the signing date. Along with all this other legal requirement such as witnesses should also be included in the agreement.

Create your own Simple Contractor Agreement Template by using the following template,

Contractor Agreement Form

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Download Contractor Agreement Template in Printable Document format (.PDF), Microsoft Word format (.DOC) and Open Office Writer format (.ODT).

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