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How to write a Daycare Contract

There are few things that are loved by humans of all kinds. The children are one of those most beloved things that one loves to have in one’s life. Every couple loves to have children in less or more numbers. The love of parents for their children is always unprecedented. They always strive to bring the best for their child. The parents, especially the mother loves to take care of their children. But it happens at times that both of the parents have to get to work at regular basis and child care becomes problematic for them. It generally happens in the case of working parents.

This is where they have to decide on their child’s care and health. The baby sitter, nannies and nurses are all hired in such situations. The day care contract used to take place between parents and the caring professional. The wage rate along with work hours and work days are decided in the contract. The roles are defined for the caring person and other similar things like food and travel is also discussed in the contract. The number of expected holidays is also clearly defined for the contracting person.

Daycare Contract Template

The caring person is communicating the benefits and bonuses that he/she may be getting during the course of work. The concept of liability is defined clearly to the visiting professional. He is clearly communicated the parent’s philosophy of parenting and care. He/she also communicates about whom to contact in case of any kind of emergency.

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Free Daycare Contract Template

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