DJ Contract Template

The term DJ (Disc Jockey) refers to the person who plays the music in events, shows or at clubs. On every occasion, where you want to arrange playing music you have to hire a DJ. Signing a contract with the DJ is the best option in this situation. The DJ contract is a legal document that specifies the terms and conditions regarding performance, venue and payments, etc.

The DJ contract is useful in following conditions.

  • Engaging a DJ for your event
  • You are offering the services to provide music for events
  • You are an event organizer

When events are organized there are chances of misunderstandings if everything is not well planned. Making contracts is helpful in to minimize any mismanagement. For hiring a DJ for your event always require a DJ contract so that all the terms and conditions can be settled to avoid any misunderstanding. DJ contract bounds the parties, employer and employee to abide by the agreement and keep them secure against any kind of loss. It assures the timely payments for DJ and good and punctual service providing to the event organizer.

A DJ contract must include the following:

  • The name of DJ, name or type of event and the customer name along with the date
  • Information about the event such as date, venue, time, type of event and number of guests etc.
  • Payment information like total fee, the amount paid in advance and mode of payment etc.
  • Information about the setup, the facilities which will be provided by the organizer and the items brought with the DJ.
  • Type music that will be played, a list can be decided to play
  • Payment for any damages of the instrument must be paid by the customer to the DJ
  • At the bottom of a contract signature of both DJ and customer

Create your own DJ Contract Sample by using the following template,

Sample DJ Contract

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Download Sample DJ Contract in Word (.DOC), PDF and Open Office (.ODT) formats.

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  • Sample DJ Contract
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