Event Sponsorship Agreement Template

Sponsorship is often enjoyed by the organizations that organize huge events. Huge events cannot be organized only by one company or organization so it requires a contribution from others also. This cooperation is dealt under a sponsorship agreement. This agreement often observed when, an organization requires sponsorship to meet the expense of an event or a small organization wants to join a huge venture for getting benefits. In both the cases sponsorship agreement is necessary as it is a legal document that defines the rules and rights for both organization and sponsor.

Every sponsorship agreement mainly addresses the following issues:

  • Defines the benefits to the sponsor
  • Payments due on sponsor, according to the contract
  • The circumstances for use / display of sponsor’s logo or trademark
  • The rights of both entities of the agreement.
  • The rules agreed by both for sponsorship
  • It also includes the clauses for termination of the agreement

When a sponsorship agreement is signed by the entities, it becomes valid and both entities are bound to abide by it. The sponsorship agreement clearly mentions the name of company / organization and the sponsor that is will to join the event organized on the specific date. It also gives the details of the event that is going to be sponsored. It specifies the sponsorship, the amount of finance, products or any kind of services that sponsor is providing for the event. The sponsorship agreement defines the credits that are provided to the sponsor in exchange of sponsorship. It defines the terms and conditions for supplying of sponsorship and also specifies the date and time for the sponsorship services. This agreement contains the sole relationship of both the entities that is the sponsorship. This agreement cannot be used to consider or define any other relationship of the entities.

Create your own sponsorship agreement template by using the following sample,

simple sponsorship agreement template

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