Franchise Contract Sample

If you are interested in joining an organization or enterprise by purchasing a franchise it looks pretty good to use a franchise contract to keep you at the safe side in defining your new business relationship. Buying a franchise is a quite safe option for an entrepreneur because it minimizes the risk factor for a new business. The agreement is developed between the owner of the model business and the person who wants to use the existing business goodwill and status.

The franchise contract is used when

  • An organization wants to spread its wings to a wider area, keeping the expense minimum. It decides then to develop franchises to get finance and business expansion.
  • A person wants to start a new business reducing the risk of failure. In this situation, joining a well-reputed organization provides a solid platform to operate and minimizes the risk factor in the business.

In both the situations, it permits both the entities to agree to the terms and clauses about the services, brands, system and expertise to be franchised. In this agreement rules and conditions are defined to use the franchise system progressively. The franchise contract provides all the necessary details and working conditions regarding cooperative working, financing, franchise fee, duration of the term and all other concerning matters. It also includes the agreed upon clauses about other managerial issues regarding training and marketing, etc.

A large number of online franchise contract samples are available for assistance in drafting a successful contract. These samples provide a format that you can easily customize according to your requirement. It must contain the details of the entities such as names, addresses and the terms and conditions of the sale/purchase of the franchise. The franchise contract must be signed by the entities along with two legal witnesses and the date.

Create your own Franchise Contract by using the following template,

Franchise Contract Template

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Download Franchise Contract Template in DOC, PDF and ODT Format.

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