Horse Boarding Contract

The horse is one of the loved animals; it has remained part of royal empires and is considered as a war animal as well. The age of fighting using horses or other animals has gone, but human love for this animal has not diminished. There are thousands of people who still like to take a ride on their own horse in this age of Ferrari’s. They used to take care of their horses and provide them the services that they require. There are certain owners who also used to provide boarding service from the stables.

They used to sign an agreement with the stable in this regard. The horse boarding contract is usually signed between the horse owner and the stable. It protects the rights of the horse, its owner and that of the stable. It acts as a binding over each agreeing party and make it sure that each party’s rights should get protected. The contract implies that the horse owner should provide the vaccination record of its animal and is responsible for all sorts of vaccination thereafter. The stable will never be held responsible for any type of damage or losses occur thereafter.

Horse Boarding Contract Template

The stable will contact the owner in all states of medical or general emergency. The owner is supposed to respond to the stable in time. The agreement covers all details of the horse and its owner and ensures production of ownership documents in this regard. The payment rate is accurately discussed along with the services to be rendered.

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Free Horse Boarding Contract Form

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