Independent Contractor Agreement Form

What is an Independent Contractor Agreement

A legal document between a contractor and an organization or a person to complete a project is referred to as independent contractor agreement. It secures both the entities involved in the agreement. It is not recommended for employees, but only for contractors, whether they are flying solo flight or working with a team. The organizations hiring a contractor or a contractor joining a firm till the completion of the project, both can use the same agreement. It is also named as freelancer contractor agreement and contract labor form.

How to write an Independent Contractor Agreement

This agreement can be between the company and the consultant and defines the terms and conditions for both. It clearly mentions the job or project for which the consultant or contractor is hired, types of services, mode of delivery of services, confidentiality, liabilities and limitations, etc. Both the entities can add the terms and conditions and can require a clear definition of terms used in the agreement. It can be customized according to the need of client and contractor. While writing the independent contractor agreement one must consult the country or state law to fulfill necessary legislation to make it legally valid. The agreement must be written in legal papers and each clause must be in a separate paragraph.

Following points must be included in the document.

  • The opening clause of an agreement should include the date, company name along with full address and the contractor name and address and their will to go through coordination.
  • In the next paragraph, state the project and services’ details with a starting date.
  • Define the rules and terms for any amendments in the agreement during the course of action.
  • Adjustments and compensation must be clearly addressed. Financial issues must be discussed in details and payment mode should be defined clearly.
  • Agreement must be signed by both the entities along with legal witness of minimum two adults.

Create your own Simple independent contractor agreement by using the following template,

Sample Independent Contractor Agreement

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Download Independent Contractor Agreement Form Template in MS Word (.DOC), Open Office Writer (.ODT) and Printable Document (.PDF) formats.

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