Medical Directive Template

In the health field, lots of facilities are available to improve and care the medical conditions of a person. Many documents can be made to help to improve the health care. Medical directive is one of such legal documents

What is Medical Directive?

It is a legal document that enables the person to appoint a person for taking care of his / her health issues if he / she become seriously ill or incapable of making wise decisions about his / her health. This document is also known as a living will or personal directive. This document enables your parents and grandparents to appoint someone to work for them and taking care of their health affairs and to make suitable decisions. It becomes very effective and useful in case the attorney becomes incapable of taking care of their health issues. Due to this agreement their health affairs are kept under the control of their trustworthy persons.

How to write Medical Directive?

A medical directive is one of the legal documents that enables a person to employ a person for taking care of health and medical care when he / she becomes incapable of doing so. First of all, he /she has to select a trustworthy person for the job and get his / her consent for the job. Then consider the country law that under which terms and conditions a person can write a medical directive.

Then, according to the law write a durable medical directive on stamp paper including following elements.

  • Mention your name and the person’s name you want to give right for your care with full addresses and date
  • Include all necessary details about your physical condition and physical condition of your selected person
  • Define terms and conditions for duties you are assigning to the person
  • Get signed the document by you, selected person and two witnesses along with their full addresses and date

Create your own Medical Directive Form by using the following template,

Medical Directive Form

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Download printable Medical Directive Template in PDF, Word (.DOC) and Open Office (.ODT) formats.

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  • Medical Directive Form
  • Medical Directive Form


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