Model Employment Contract

The modern media are operating in various modes and has assigned various roles to modern people. It has in fact crafted diverse careers for people. The modeling is one of the modern careers being adopted by modish people. The model agencies used to provide a platform for all these professionals and make it easier for them to pursue their career goals. The models used to sign an agreement in order to pursue their career along with the said agency. The agreement acts as a connecting link between the model and the agency.

The model gets the work while the agency gets agreed commission. The commission is settled at the start of the contract where model agrees to pay a certain sum of its revenues to the agency that manages for its projects. The model contract helps a model pursue its career while it manages the revenues for the agency. The model cannot just succeed without the help of agency while an agency cannot of course earn revenues without having models. The model contract, thus works both for the agency as well as the model.

The contract provides platform to the model while entering into a contract with a model agency. The model agrees to cancel any such contracts with other agencies and also agrees not to enter in any such contracts with other agency. The agency also sets a defined amount of commission and in this way contract start working for both parties. It protects the rights of both agreeing parties and render benefits to both of them.

Create your own Printable Model Contract by using the following template,

Free Model Contract Template

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  • Model Employment Contract
  • Model Employment Contract
  • Model Employment Contract


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