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Now the music industry has developed to a large extent. We often enjoyed many musical concerts in our daily life. Most of the events contain a musical element to enhance the effect of the event. This requires the hiring of a musical band or an artist to perform at the event. This can be more suitable having an agreement while hiring an artist.

This agreement fulfills the following situations

  • When hiring an artist for performance
  • Hiring a manager for making arrangements of event bookings
  • Joining some music company or production house as an artist.

The music contract is helpful in locking down many of the issues regarding a musical even such as fee; percentages of commission and any other point to save both the entities. This agreement is a solidified working relationship between artist and the organization or artist and the agent. This agreement is also known by a few other names like musician agreement, musician contract or musician performance contract.

How to write a Music Contract

Whenever you are in need of a music contract it looks better to fulfill all the legal requirements to make safe your rights and payments also. It must be written on the legal pages issued by the governing authorities to make it valid in court.

The music contract must contain the following clauses:

  • The name of organization / agent and the name of artist
  • Type of event in which the artist is going to perform
  • Date and time of the event
  • Amount of payment full and advance also
  • Percentage of commission that is set to be paid to the agent
  • Payment to the artist in case of cancellation
  • Type of music that will be played in concert
  • Instruments provided by the organization and also brought by the artist
  • The agreement must be signed by both the entities

Create your own Music Contract Template by using the following sample,

Music Contract Form

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Download Music Contract Template in word (.DOC), PDF and Open Office (.ODT) format.

  • Music Contract Template
  • Music Contract Sample
  • Music Contract Form


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