Mutual Release Agreement

Whenever you go through any agreement you become bound not to leave the contract and provide services for the project mentioned in the agreement. But there may be circumstances that require the release from the agreement. In such conditions, the mutual release agreement is effective and saves from any further legislation. It is a legal document that gives the right to both the parties for releasing form a contract and resolving the issues quickly in a professional way. This agreement gives consent to both the entities of the agreement to settle down any dispute and to reach at an agreeable point to withdraw from all claims and responsibilities.

Signing the mutual release agreement means, that the entity is giving up the right for pursuing any claims in future against each other. It is a quite safe and time-saving method to withdraw from a contract instead of following an extensive lawsuit. Mutual release and terminating the agreement, mutual release and settlement agreement and partnership release agreement are few other names of the mutual release agreement. The mutual release agreement is a legal agreement and is prepared on legal papers. It must be titled properly and a clear statement about the parties which are the entities of the agreement.

All the entities of agreement should be listed clearly and if needed full addresses should include. All clauses of the agreement should be stated each in a separate paragraph and further details must be stated in sub paragraphs. All related issues must be stated and discussed in details. All the issues about not to sue, indemnification, nondisclosure and any liabilities must be addressed properly. The agreement should properly date and signed by the entities. Time for implementation of release also should be mentioned in the agreement, and above all, it must be according to governing law to make it valid.

Create your own general mutual release agreement template by using the following sample,

Mutual release agreement form

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