Sample Nanny Contract

There are many special people around us and we have to avail their services to get one or more jobs done. The nanny services are one of those vital services that we require at home sometimes. Different people used to adopt different techniques to avail this service. But signing a term based contract is a common practice. This is where a nanny contract is signed among the person who want to avail the services and the nanny. The detailed names and addresses are mentioned at the top of the contact sheet.

Nanny Contract Template Word

The following contract in word format covers all sorts of details that can prove useful for either of the agreeing parties. It covers the details of all services that are expected from nanny along with the day timings. It can be considered a contract quite similar to an employment contract where things are openly discussed between the employee and the employer. This contract also covers the details of the services to be provided by the nanny along with the wages that it will be getting from there. The authorized leaves are also mentioned in the contract along with the service provisions. The nanny contract covers everything in its entirety and makes things clear among two agreeing parties.

The philosophy of parenting is also being discussed in the contract as the nanny is expected to practice that as per parent wishes. The details of all other benefits in addition to the settled salary are also being discussed in the contract so that there must not remain any ambiguity in the mind of either of the agreeing parties.

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Free Nanny Contract Template

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