Office Lease Agreement Template

Whenever you go for leasing some property you have to enter into an agreement for keeping your interest safe. The agreement and terms and conditions depend on the type of property you are hiring. Looking a space for office means you need a commercial property and lease document for commercial property is a little bit different and more detailed than a residential property. Signing the agreement restricts the owner for the use of rented property till lease period. This agreement clearly defines all the terms and conditions about the use of property and other utilities provided with the building being rented.

This commercial document should include all the specifications and uses of the commercial site. It must include the terms and conditions set for the lease regardless of agreement type whether exclusive or non exclusive. Matters about the use of other facilities and costs like repair and taxes, etc. must be discussed and stated clearly. The office lease agreement must include the details of the landlord and the leasing party. The details about the premises, provided utilities and other material that are provided in the building should be clearly mentioned.

The office lease agreement is a kind of a commercial lease agreement so it must be followed the specific format for it that is provided by law authorities. Each section of the agreement must be completed and should have the necessary details. It would be better to define all the terms used in the agreement in a section of the agreement. This will help to reduce the ambiguity in the agreement. All the terms, that, are agreed by both the parties, after a comprehensive discussion should be included in the document. The agreement must be signed by both the entities after considering all the clauses include in the agreement.

Create your own simple office lease agreement by using the following template,

Office Lease Agreement

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  • Office Lease Agreement
  • Office Lease Agreement


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