Consignment Agreement Template

The online templates are much favorable in making your contracts. The online consignment agreement template is one of the online templates that are customizable and printable. What is Consignment Agreement? In the business world when anyone wants to appoint a Read more ›


Lease Contract Sample

Whenever you are in need of making a lease contract the basic question is how to develop the document that can be considered legal. The lease contract samples are available online that are fully customizable and printable. One can easily Read more ›

Sublease Agreement Template

The sublease agreement template provides a format for making a sublease agreement. These templates are customizable and printable. The user can easily download and customize them according to the personal requirements. What is Sublease Agreement? A sublease agreement is a Read more ›

Land Sale Contract

Whenever you get engaged in a deal related to the sale and purchase of the real estate it would be better to make a land sale contract to keep you at the safer side. It is an agreement between the Read more ›

Cohabitation Agreement Template

What is Cohabitation Agreement? Cohabitation Agreement is a legal document that legalizes together living of a couple regardless of their type such as heterosexual or homosexual. This agreement makes their status as a married couple. After this agreement, they are Read more ›

Contract For Deed Form

What is Contract for Deed? Contract for deed is a legal document between the seller and buyer of the real property. In this contract the owner of the land preserves the right of ownership and allows the buyer to hold Read more ›

Consulting Agreement Template

In case of providing consultancy or hiring a consultant a consulting agreement is a legal document that sketches out the duties, payments and the whole scenario of the consultancy. These agreements fluctuate in size due to the nature and requirement Read more ›


Subcontractor Agreement Template

This is a legal document that bounds the general contractor and a subcontractor for the completion of a project. It defines the terms and rights of both the entities and secures them for a specified time limit. It is required Read more ›


Independent Contractor Agreement Form

What is an Independent Contractor Agreement A legal document between a contractor and an organization or a person to complete a project is referred to as independent contractor agreement. It secures both the entities involved in the agreement. It is Read more ›