Pre-Nuptial Agreement

We often go through different kinds of contracts and agreements in our life. These may be concerned with our business life or personal life. The agreements help us to make our life easy and smooth. Whenever a couple decides to marry or make a marriage contract, it looks pretty good to go through another contract to decide many issues that can arise after marriage. This agreement is known as a prenuptial agreement. This agreement is not fixed prior to a marriage contract but any other contract that can be signed in any field. This agreement provides the solutions or settlements for the issues that may arise in case of a breakup or termination of the agreement.

What is Pre-Nuptial Agreement?

It is also called an ante-nuptial agreement or premarital agreement that is recommended to the couples that are going to live in a social union or going to marry each other. It can be dealt in a wider prospect, but usually, it deals with the property matters, spousal support and any other critical situation faced on divorce. It also includes the terms of the child custody in case of separation of the couple. In few areas, it provides security not only in case of divorce, but also help to manage some property during the marriage. In many areas of the world, it is practiced, but few countries do not have a legal support for such kind of agreement. Like any other legal document, it must be drafted in a proper format and on the legal pages rather than simple pages.

This agreement must include following.

  • The names of the entities among which the agreement is going to be signed
  • It must address all the important matters each in a separate paragraph
  • Mention the date of agreement
  • Get signed the agreement by both entities and legal adult witnesses

Create your own Pre-Nuptial Agreement by using the following template,

Pre-Nuptial Agreement

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Download Pre-Nuptial Agreement Sample in DOC, ODT and PDF format.

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