Roommate Agreement Template

The agreements and contracts help to keep the partnerships strong and smooth. The roommate agreement is a contract that provides you the ease of settlement on different issues when you are sharing your room with anyone else. In this agreement most of the issues can be addressed, in other words, this contract defines the rights of the roommates living together in a room. These conditions are often observed in students’ hostels or when persons go abroad for work or study. They have to live in shared dwellings and roommate contract is a good means to secure the freedom of one without disturbing the rights of another person.

How to write a Roommate Agreement?

The writing of the roommate agreement doesn’t require a special format. It is up to the desire and requirement of the entities involved in the agreement. It is decided by a mutual discussion that what should be added in the agreement and how it should look like. A good and valid roommate contract should concentrate on all the roommates that are sharing the room with each other. All preferences and common rules for the room and use of other facilities should be included and written clear and prominent in the agreement. The common things that must be included in all roommate contracts are the date of signing, the names of the roommates and the date of execution of the agreement.

Furthermore, the following points can be added into the agreement, but these are not a hard and fast rule every agreement may include different rules and requirement according to the need of the entities in the agreement.

  • Silent hours when you can rest or study calmly
  • Any distractions that can interfere your peace of mind
  • Timing when visitors could be allowed in the room
  • Rules for the sharing of facilities in the room
  • Types of object that are not allowed to bring into the room

Create your own Roommate Agreement Form by using the following template,

Sample Roommate Agreement

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Download Sample Roommate Agreement in Printable Document format (.PDF), MS Word format (.DOC) and Open Office Writer format (.ODT) and .

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