Roommate Contract Template

Templates are the easiest way to develop a contract. The roommate contract template is also very useful when you are interest to sign a roommate contract. The roommate contract is valuable when you are going to share your room with any other person or you have no other option except to get a shared room for your residence. This situation is often faced by the students or the persons working abroad and wants to keep their accommodation expense minimum. It is a very good option to sign a roommate contract to avoid any disputes and make the best use of available facilities. The roommate contract sample provides you the best idea for defining your own terms and conditions for sharing the room that keeps you comfortable. These templates are customizable, so one can easily customize it according to the personal need.

How to write Roommate Contract

The roommate contract defines the rights of all the entities who are sharing the room. It includes all the terms and conditions that make the sharing of the room very smooth for all entities. You can use the format as per your choice because there are multiple formats are available.

The roommate contract should include the following points.

  • The names and other particulars of the persons who are going through the contract
  • Rules for the use of available space
  • Silent hours during which everyone is responsible for maintaining the silence for providing comfort
  • Rules for cleanliness of the room, the responsibilities of persons will be fixed timely
  • Define the hours for the visitors in the room
  • Decision about the locking of the room
  • Rules and methods to resolve any disputes among the roommates
  • The contract must be signed by all the entities along with the date and other identifying particulars of the entities.

Create your own Roommate Contract by using the following template,

Roommate Contract Sample

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