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Whenever a person borrows something or lends anything to someone, there is always a risk of damage and loss. To prevent this damage or loss, it is the best way to sign a security agreement. The security agreement is a legal document that saves the lender against any damage if it is done by the borrower. These agreements are not only the part of private lending and borrowing, but it is done at the level of government institutes. Banks often give loans against the some property and in case if the borrower does not pay the loan banks has the right to sell the property for recovering the loan and interest.

The security agreement bestows the grantee with many rights according to the governing law of the region. Sometimes security agreements are made orally, but it is the best way to make your all agreements in written form in a proper format. It is more favorable if it is written on legal stamp paper so that it can be considered as a valid legal document to save the rights of the lender or grantee. To avoid any type of fraud in business dealings or lending and borrowing, it is recommended to write security agreement and properly signed by the parties involved in the deal.

A security agreement must state the day, date and the concerned entities clearly on the top of the page. Below the name and full addresses of the entities there should be all the clauses of the agreement. The object that is being used in the deal must be clearly defined and it will better if its financial value is mentioned in the agreement. In cane of transferring the physical possession of anything, its value and status must be stated so that it can be evaluated at the time of return. If any penalty is set for damage or any loss, it should be clearly mentioned in the agreement.

Create your own Security Agreement Form by using the following template,

Security Agreement Template

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Download Security Agreement Template in MS Word format (.DOC), Open Office Writer format (.ODT) and Printable Document format (.PDF).

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