Standard Non-Compete Contract

What is a non compete agreement?

In the business world, there is great competition among the rivals. All the competitors try to reduce the risk and the desire to make a monopoly in the market. The non-compete Contract is very helpful to reduce the competition and also the stealing of your genuine ideas. This contract is often made between the employee and employer mostly when the employer is going to share some confidential information or ideas with their workers. Sometimes this contract is signed at the time when an employee or partner decides to leave the organization during a project.

According to the Non-Compete contract one entity, usually the employee agrees upon the condition not to start or join a business against another party such as the employer. This also called a restrictive contract also because it bounds one party for the initiation of new business.

For a Standard Non-Compete contract, the following information is needed.

  • Names and addresses of the entities along with the date
  • The date from which the contract will be effective
  • The motivations for the Non-Compete contract
  • The time period for which the contract will be effective
  • Mention the area in which the contract is applicable, it would be better to define the boundaries of the jurisdiction
  • Include the solutions for expected issues
  • Decide the compensation which will be made in the case of any violence of the contract.
  • Add the limited people in the list who are going to sign the Non-Compete contract.
  • Check for the legal validity of the contract, whether the state law allows you to make such a contract or not

Whenever you are asked to sign a Non-Compete contract be careful and vigilant because it can have a long-lasting effect on your career. It would be better to consult any legal attorney before signing the contract.

Create your own Non-Compete Contract by using the following template,

Standard non compete agreement

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Download Non-Compete Agreement Template in PDF, ODT and DOC format..

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  • Standard non compete agreement
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