Subcontractor Agreement Template

This is a legal document that bounds the general contractor and a subcontractor for the completion of a project. It defines the terms and rights of both the entities and secures them for a specified time limit. It is required whenever a contractor needs a helper contractor to complete a project timely. This agreement can be customized according to the need of contractors and type of project. It guarantees the rights and obligations of entities involved in the contract. It includes all the terms of service and any type of restrictions and standards that are expected from the subcontractor.

Whenever you are in a need of subcontractor agreement you must consider the state laws to make your agreement legally valid. It must be legible and comprehensive and signed by both the entities involved in the agreement. All the clauses of the agreement must be written separately and clearly. Special terms used in the agreement must be well defined.

For writing the subcontract agreement following points must be considered.

  • At the top must place the title of the agreement.
  • Starting clause should contain the date, name, and addresses of all the entities engrossed in the agreement
  • The terms of service and expected conditions must be stated in detail and use a separate paragraph for each clause.
  • Specify the cases with amendments in the agreement.
  • Details about the expenses and taxes must be included.
  • The agreement must define clearly the payments due to the general contractor and also the mode of payment.
  • Compensations and the damages and other issues that need to be settled must discuss in details.
  • The time duration of the contract should be mentioned in the form of starting date and ending date for the project.
  • In the case of legal disputes, the agreement should provide the means for settlement.
  • The agreement should be signed by all the parties along with witnesses.

Create your own Subcontractor Agreement Form by using the following template,

Subcontractor Agreement Form

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Download Simple Subcontractor Agreement Template in Microsoft Word format (.DOC), Printable Document format (.PDF) and Open Office Writer format (.ODT).

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