Sublease Agreement Template

The sublease agreement template provides a format for making a sublease agreement. These templates are customizable and printable. The user can easily download and customize them according to the personal requirements.

What is Sublease Agreement?

A sublease agreement is a legal document that is produced when an existing tenant agrees to share his right of use of the property with a third party under a lease. This is practicable for commercial as well as residential properties. The right of landlord according to the primary contract will determine the requirement for the permission from landlord giving the right of property use to a third party. The sublease agreement is prepared by attorneys and protects the tenant and sub-tenant. It defines the rights of all the parties involved in the agreement.

How to make a Sublease Agreement?

For making a sublease agreement, first of all, you must determine your right, whether you are allowed for the purpose or not? You may get this right by obtaining the permission of your landlord. Make available the information for the reliability of subtenant. Define the terms for the handling of the dues and rent of the property. Keeping in mind, that you (the primary tenant) will remain responsible for the property, you should define the terms and conditions for subletting your possession.

Multiple sublease agreement templates are available online and mostly contain the following sections.

  • In the starting section write the names of entities of the sublease and date of the agreement.
  • Add the details about the site of the property such as address and any other details if available or required.
  • Clearly define the period of the sublease along with date of taking possession and the date for evacuating the property.
  • Specify the amount of the rent for subtenant and the schedule for the payments. Mention clearly if any amount is decided as down payment or security.
  • Get the signature of the parties involved in the agreement and hand over one copy to each one.

Create your own Sublease Agreement Form by using the following template,

Sample Sublease Agreement

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Download Sample Sublease Agreement Template in MS Word (.DOC), PDF and Open Office Writer (.ODT) format.

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  • Sample Sublease Agreement


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