Teen Driving Contract

In the recent societies, driving is a common need and teens are ever fond of driving. Driving is an attractive activity for young guys and girls. The parents are the best and reliable source for learning driving. It would be wise to get a promise for safe driving from your teen before making him /her sit behind the wheel. Whenever you think about handing over the keys of the car to your teenager, you must be very careful and keen about the safety of your child. For making driving safe for your kid it is necessary to keep an eye on the activities of the young drivers. This agreement is a document between the parents and the teen driver who is subject to learning the driving. It is a quite safer way to define the rules and regulations for the learning process and performance in the whole process. You can define the rules through negotiation with your child and paste them in a prominent place in the home to keep them revising time to time.

Although the teen driving contract format varies to a large extent, but it may have the following points.

  • As it is a type of promissory note, the starting lines include the name of the teen with a statement that shows the consent of the young driver. He / she must accept any type of punishment, including the restriction on driving in case of disobedience to the agreement.
  • The teen must promise to keep the license when he / she is on the road for driving.
  • He / she will agree to not having drinks or use of any drugs during the drive.
  • It includes all the points that are decided between the teen and parents for the agreement.
  • Agreement must be signed by both the entities, the teen and the parents.

Create your own Teen Driving Contract by using the following template,

Parent Teen Driving Contract

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  • Teen Driving Contract
  • Parent Teen Driving Contract
  • Teen Driving Contract


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