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When you plan an event that is going to display different products or it is a festive event you need to hire vendors to join your event to make it profitable. In the same manner, if a vendor wants to join any festival or event to sell the products, he is also in need of signing a vendor contract. The vendor contract, like all other contracts, is a legal document that provides security to the rights of signing parties. As other legal documents it also has the specific format allowed by the governing authorities. Generally, it has opening, body and closing parts. In opening it specifies the vendor, hiring body, event, date and time, etc. The body of the contract includes the detailed terms and conditions that are agreed by the parties. And closing part includes the signature of the parties involved in the agreement.

How to write a Vendor Contract

When you are going through a vendor contract, whether as a vendor or as an organizer, you must get advice from law attorney to make your contract practical and safer for you. This contract should be written on stamped paper issued by the government. It should be according to the state law and such clauses should not be included which are not favored by the authorities.

The vendor contract must contain the following points:

  • The opening part must display the name of the host and the vendor which are the party for agreement.
  • Information about events, occurring time, duration and venue
  • The amount of fee for getting license to participate and sell the products in the event
  • All the relevant terms and conditions specified by the host for the event that must be followed by the vendor
  • At the bottom, signature of the host and vendor along with a date and addresses should be taken

Create your own Vendor Contract Sample by using the following template,

Sample Vendor Contract

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