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The writing is one of the most versatile jobs of the world. It is widely used in literature, mass communication and advertisement. These three tasks cannot just get completed without a professional writer. A writer is always required to write copy for the professionals of media and marketing. The story is very much true about the literature’s of the world, but that type of writing is little different. It is inborn rather than induced one. The writers are however hired for the later two tasks. It is hard to imagine of marketing or advertisement going on without a professional writer.

The story is very much true for people working in media or mass communication sector. There lies a professional writer behind every successful campaign on media. It is always a writer who notches the ideas on paper and makes it a simple task to accomplish for other professionals like actors or anchor person. The writer or ghost writer contracts are made to accomplish several writing tasks.

The writer is either employed or hired for a certain period of time. There are certain organizations that are used to hire people at first instance before offering them permanent employment. A limited task requirement also leads to a writer’s contract between the writer and the client. The contract covers the details of the time period along with the services required from the writer. It also speaks of the copyright which will always belong to the client as all paid work will become that of clients in the end.

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